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The ADPI on the road with the National Association of Counties



The ADPI has been created as a tool for transformation, at the state and county level, to help identify areas for improvement and strengthen data-driven decision-making across all levels of American society, including by state and county government, to help advance prosperity and the American Dream.

Today, there are 3,069 county governments across America, although some can trace their origins back to 1634. Governed by nearly 40,000 locally elected officials and employing over 3.5 million people, collectively they spend over half a trillion dollars each year delivering vital services to Americans, including transportation and infrastructure, community health, justice and public safety, human services and county management, core components of prosperity.

Founded in 1935, The National Association of Counties (NACo) strengthens America’s counties. NACo unites county officials to:

• Advocate for county government priorities in federal policymaking

• Promote exemplary county policies and practices

• Nurture leadership skills and expand knowledge networks

• Optimize county and taxpayer resources and cost savings, and

• Enrich the public’s understanding of county government.

Counties play a key role in helping create greater prosperity for all Americans. Stronger counties, stronger America. More prosperous counties – more prosperous America.

Shaun Flanagan, Director for Impact and Partnerships at the Legatum Institute was invited to give the keynote dinner address on the first evening at the NACo County Executive Roundtable conference in King County (Seattle), Washington, on December 7-9.

Speaking to around 30 key county leaders from across the United States, Shaun unpacked what a prosperous life looks like, introducing the concepts underlying the three domains of prosperity (Inclusive Societies, Open Economies and Empowered People), discussed the values that underpin prosperity, and also what the recently released 2022 American Dream Prosperity Index (ADPI) is saying about the state of prosperity across the United States. Copies of the 2022 ADPI report were given to all attendees and opportunities to collaborate further with NACo, and its members are being explored.

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